Saturday, 15 July 2017

Bad Makeup? Part I

Hello Lovelies!!

On my journey to becoming a more conscious consumer, one of the areas I wanted to clean up my act in was cosmetics...another product I use on a regular basis.

I am a makeup junkie!! So now that I want to be more conscious of what I am purchasing and from whom, I looked into which make up companies are getting ranked as good, bad and downright ugly by organizations such as and PETA. looks at issues such as Human Rights, Environment, Animal Protection, Community Involvement and Social Justice; and ranks companies based on where they stand on these issues. Then they came up with report cards to inform consumers on how these companies fare on issues that affect us all.

So, that brings us to the ugliest of the ugly...The companies with a grade of F for FAIL!!!

Drum roll please....


As a teenager, my favourite cosmetics were from Covergirl...I am sad that they have received a failing grade as they are so affordable for young ladies (I will be researching low-priced cosmetics companies and how they rank with betterworldshopper and PETA soon (you may find them on this list, but some new ones may not be listed).

There you have it!! I am hoping you found this informative enough to look further into the causes near and dear to your heart. Have a great weekend and see you next Saturday!!

Always your friend,

NJ 😘

Saturday, 8 July 2017


Hello Lovelies!!!

How was your July long weekend? Whether you were celebrating Canada's Birthday or Independence Day in the US, I hope you had a good time!!

Kelowna was Hot!! Average temps hit around 34 degrees celsius!

Although it was so hot, we didn't get any beach time due to the flood they had in June. The city is still cleaning up the creeks and the lake and beaches, so there was no where to "camp out".

As promised, here is what I packed:

I took two bikinis, a cute wrap (to be worn with the bikinis), four tank tops, two pairs of shorts and a little sundress.

The bikinis I could mix and match with each other as well; two of the tank tops were packed for Canada's Birthday (July 1, for our American friends); a fancier tank top (cream) and a basic tank top (teal); a long (black)and shorter (navy) pair of shorts; and finally, a cute little sundress which was nice and cool.

I wore everything but the bikinis, due to the aforementioned flood. Besides that, I think it was a successful packing job.

Do you plan what you pack for a getaway? Or are you more spontaneous?

Have a great weekend and see you next Saturday!

Always your friend,

NJ 😘

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Hello Summer!!!

Hello Lovelies!!

Summer has begun!!

I can't wait to hit the pool on our trip to Kelowna next Weekend!!

As I will be out of town, there will not be a regular blog post but I will post some pics on Bloglovin, Instagram (njfranks), Facebook (NJ Franks) and Twitter (@NancijeanFranks)...

Last week in my confessional post, I mentioned that I wanted to become a more conscious consumer. Well one of the first steps I took was with products that most of us gals have to use every guessed it...feminine hygiene products.

(Photo courtesy of 10000+ Wallpapers App)

I found a natural, cotton tampons and pads with no added chemicals like chlorine and dyes from, although if you reside elsewhere, just google the name of the product and you will find out where to get them.

I figured, if I was going to start this journey, I may as well start with a product I use all the time and is easy to find!

As mentioned...I am off to Kelowna, BC next weekend. so I will only post small teasers while I am there, but next week I will post what I packed, how what I packed worked out as well as some pics of our activities!

See you in July!! Love and Hugs!!

Always your friend,

NJ 😘

Saturday, 17 June 2017

And...I'm back!!

Hello Lovelies!!

I missed you!! I wrote a Canadian Securities Course national exam on Tuesday so I had to devote my past weekend to studying...which paid off because...I passed!!!

Now back to more fun stuff!!

Well...except that I have to make a confession...I have been shopping like crazy lately and that definitely puts a damper on my plans to downsize my stuff...what am I doing?!!! I don't know what this urge to shop has come from...could it be fear of the unknown...not knowing if I will have a permanent position from this contract I am working? Makes sense. It's not like I am the bread winner in the family (Thank Goodness!!). At the same time, now that I am flush with cash, I want to get all I can right now!! 

All of my needs would be covered if I did not have this contract, so there is no issue there. The kicker is, I had a goal at the beginning of the year to get rid of stuff so that we don't have to rent a storage unit...and I am busting that goal wide open by shopping like a mad woman!! I need to step back and get my BIG GIRL PANTIES on and start back on that goal...

Mission Downsize My Stuff is back on!!!

And while I am at it...Mission Downsize My Body is too!!

I will see you next week for my journey into becoming a conscious consumer, rather than what I have been, a practically unconscious one!!

Have a great week, and remember I am always your friend!!

NJ 😘 💖

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Hey June!!!

Hello Lovelies!!

I have missed you! I have been busy getting things together for this post and have forgotten to post teasers, lol!! Well not completely...I did post two.

So here we are in June...the month that summer starts!! I don't know about you, but I am super excited!!


Well it's kind of a different Home post today...June Wallpapers for my iPhone and iMac...which are in my home.

 Roses were in the City Park in Kelowna, British Columbia
This image is from 10,000+ Wallpapers App

The Roses are on my iMac Desktop and my iPhone home screen. The Calendar is on my iPhone lock screen


What I wore to an interview:

Black and brown striped knit suit, beige blouse, leopard scarf and black pointy-toed pumps. I kept all but the beige blouse...I like the cream one better.

I don't have a Food/Drink post this week. I know, I know...slacker!!

Favourite Things

Last week I showed my new Kate Spade tote that Hubster got for me (Love it!!).

This week, it is these adorable monkey studs from Kate Spade...I love monkeys and I adore Kate Spade, so what could be better!!

Rambling Roses Monkey Stud earrings from Kate Spade NY


Thank you Kim Bayne and The Wellness Universe!!

You are!! and Don't let anyone tell you any different...not even YOURSELF!!!
I love you all!! Without you, this blog would be me talking to myself...which I do already, lol!!

Always your friend,

NJ 😘

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Last Weekend of May?!!!!

Hello Lovies!!!

Wow!! I can't believe this is the last weekend of May already!! Where has the time gone?


Front Foyer Part 2

Here is the Hemnes shoe cabinet, and it has cleared all the shoe clutter quite nicely!!


Although I like the idea of this look, I am not happy with how short this sweater is.

Verdict: Kept the skirt and blouse, but donated the sweater.


New Recipe Part 2

The Asparagus and Pea Pancakes were DELICIOUS!!! These pancakes have more of a savoury flavour which I felt would be better for either a late brunch or dinner, rather than breakfast, which is what they are listed as in the cookbook. The sauce called for fat-free greek yogurt but I used low-fat sour cream instead which would probably add 1 Smart Point™ to the recipe for a total of 8 Smart
Points™rather than 7.

I served them with turkey sausages for a great savoury side! 

Favourite Things

My new obsession: Kate Spade.

Hubby got me this Kate Spade tote bag as a gift...Thanks Honey!!


Is it selfish to help yourself before helping others? 

Many people were raised to believe that helping yourself before others is selfish. However, according to the Oxygen Mask Theory, if you are in a plane and the oxygen masks come down due to loss of pressure, you are directed to put your oxygen mask on first before helping even your children. The premise behind this is that if you give your children oxygen first and you die of asphyxiation, your children will be without a parent. What good does that do? 

Before you can help others, you need the energy to be able to be of need to care for yourself in order to be of help to others...NOT the other way around. 

Have a great week and see you in June!!

Remember, I am always your friend,

NJ 😘

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Pampering, a recipe and a shoe cabinet, oh my!!

Hello Lovelies!!

A recipe to try, a messy foyer and leopard print are just a few of the things covered this week!


Front Foyer Part 1

Right now we have two shoe racks in the foyer as well as on in the coat closet: Clutter anyone?

To remedy this, we will be buying a Hemnes shoe cabinet (come back to see it in part 2).


Classic Print.

I love me some leopard is classic, sassy and sophisticated all at once!! However, you can have too much leopard on at in this scarf. I love me a scarf (actually I am addicted to them), but this one is itchy as it has weird threads to create texture.

The top I kept but I donated the scarf. 


New Recipe Part 1

Recipe from Weight Watchers™ Year Round Fresh cookbook.

I can't wait to try these savoury pancakes!! Come back next week for my review of the recipe

Favourite Things

I just got this personalized bracelet from Stella & Dot.

You can personalize it yourself many different ways.


Self-care is not always encouraged while growing up, but it is becoming an important way to advocate for your own mental health. It can come in many ways such as a day at the spa or from doing yoga to relax your mind and pamper yourself!!

See you next week and remember...

I am always your friend.

NJ 😘